Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Book Marketing Resources - Part 2

Continuing the blog on book marketing resources that I began last week, I list, together with  websites that offer help with the process, a few of the extremely basic promotional tactics writers use with varying degrees of success to increase awareness of their books. No single one of them guarantees sales, but used regularly and correctly, they will build an audience over time. 

I welcome additions to this list. If you have trouble using the comment box, you can e-mail me with suggestions at maggielyons66 at gmail dot com. 

Book sales sites: Amazon—a great little book on using Amazon author pages is: Marketing Your Book on Amazon by Shelly Hitz. 

Blog book announcements and mentions: Some bloggers who don't review books, or cannot review your book, accept information about books, which they are willing to post on their site. See my MG Book Bloggers list for some of these bloggers and also the list of  bloggers at KidlitoSphere Central:

Author InterviewsSolicit interviews from book bloggers who offer this service. See my list of MG book bloggers on this site to find those who do interviews with middle-grade authors. For more children's literature bloggers, you can browse the list of blogger members of KidLitoSphere Central, 
the society of bloggers in children's and young adult literature, at

Book Reviews: write book reviews for Goodreads, and book blogging sites that accept guest reviews. Send copies of your book to book bloggers with sizable readerships. Be sure the blogger reviews your genre. If your book is self-published or published by a small press, make sure the blogger accepts that type of publication. Many don't accept self-published books for review. My list of MG book bloggers (a page on this site) may help you find the right bloggers as well as the list at KidLitoSphere Central

Blog: Create a is easy to use—and write something regularly, even if it's only once a week, but don't overwhelm your followers with blogs. Join writers' (and, for children's writers, parents' and teachers' groupssee Social Media below) to start building a readership. For help, see "How to Set Up a Blog and How to Generate Traffic to Your Blog" at Wise Geek: Beth Hayden's blog site also has free weekly blogging tips at An easy-to-use resource for finding free photos is Photo Pin at

Giveaways: Offer book giveaways at sites such as and book bloggers’ sites. See my list of MG book bloggers on this blog site.

Guest blogs: Offer to write articles for other book bloggers’ sites and in turn, offer them on your blog site. See my MG Book Bloggers list on this blog site tofind bloggers who accept guest blogs.

Media releases: Create media releases for any and every event including school and library visits, and more, and send to local media. For help with media releases see The Publicity Hound for tips and a free e-mail course: “89 Ways to Write Powerful Press Releases” at Joan Stewart's website: Tips on creating and distributing media releases can also be found in Carolyn Howard Johnson’s advice-packed bookThe Frugal Book Promoter.

Social MediaFacebook, Goodreads, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter—create author/profile pages.and update them regularly. Yahoo Groups—join a children's writers discussion group such as Children's Writers and Children & Youth Writers Author's.

How to use social media: For general advice see “75 Tips to Manage Your Social Media Efforts in 2012,” a guest blog on QuickSprout, September 10, 2012, Sign up for Mari Smith’s “15 Social Media Power Tips” tips at, or go to her website at, and click on the Resources tab for the drop-down menu. The Social Media Examiner website also has a plethora of advice at You can sign up on their home page for a free subscription to their e-mailed newsletter.

Facebook: See Mari Smith’s free webinar on optimizing your Facebook experience at her website:  and download two free social media marketing reports on marketing with Facebook. Mari’s blog also offer tips on using Facebook and Google:

Join a Facebook group for children’s writers such as Children’s Authors and Illustrators on Facebook.
Click the Like button on others' Facebook author/business pagesoften.

Goodreads: For children’s writers, appropriate groups include Great Middle Grade Reads, Children’s Books, and Children’s Book Authors/Illustrators.

Google ( Learn how to set up a Google profile at and 
Join a Google writer’s group such as Great Books for Kids

LinkedIn ( Children's writers' groups include SCBWI and Children's Books among others.

Pinterest: Gabriela Taylor posted an article on Joel Comm’s website on May 7, 2012 on “7 Ways to Use Pinterest as a Writer.” at Ms. Taylor is the author of The Ultimate Guide to marketing Your Business with Pinterest. See also Beth Hayden’s website for her free Pinterest marketing guide at, and for other free goodies including a free subscription to her weekly blogging tips.

Twitter (—create an account and follow writing/book related twitters. Jo Linsdell offers tips on using Twitter in her free Twitterebook available at her site: See also Charlene Kingston's article "How to Maximise Your Twitter Profile" at

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