Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Web Resources on Writing for Children

This week I've put together a short list of websites and web pages that offer help specifically with writing for children. As always, your suggested additions and updates to this list are welcome. The list will eventually have its own page on this blog site.

Aaron Shepard’s Kidwriting Page
This site offers lots of free resources for writing and publishing children’s books

Adventures in YA & Children's Publishing
This site offers helpful articles on the craft of writing for children and young adults.

Cynthia Leitich Smith

Best-selling children’s and YA author Cynthia Leitich Smith’s site has won many accolades. It’s loaded with advice on writing and features other resources for children’s writers, including her blog, Cynsations, and her other social media sites. 

Institute of Children’s Literature

The institute offers writing help and much more. This link is to a huge list of articles on writing for children, categorized by topic.

Margot Finke
Margot Finke's website is full of advice and articles on writing for children.

Pat Mora—Bookjoy
Author Pat Mora lists 20 tips on writing for children. 

Resources for Children’s Writers
Rachelle Burk’s renowned website for children's writers includes a list of “Helpful Writing Articles.”
This link is to a web page listing articles on various topics related to writing for children, many written by Laura Backes of Children’s Book Insider newsletter.

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
offers a Writing Mentor Program for writer members selected by a panel of judges.

Suzanne Lieurance
This children’s author offers tips, articles, coaching, and other resources on writing for children.

The Purple Crayon 
Children’s book editor Harold Underdown offers loads of great advice and resources on writing for children, and much more.

Verla Kay
Verla Kay offers transcripts of workshops on writing for children by authors including Anastasia Sue and Linda Joy Singleton (middle-grade fiction)

Writer’s Digest
Once registered (free), you can search for articles on writing for children. Many other resources include a free download of “101 Best Websites for Writers” and writing tutorials, workshops, and webinars.

Writers Speak to Kids (videos)
In this video series children's authors explain their techniques of creative writing. Authors include Jeff Kinney, Mo Willems, and Michael Buckley, among others.
Laura Backes and Jon Bard offer writing help and more for children’s writers with a paid subscription to their Children’s Book Insider newsletter.
This site offers numerous articles on writing for children, grammar and editing tips, and much more.

Individual online articles
This web page offers excerpted advice from Lisa Rojany Buccieri and Peter Economy’s book Writing Children’s Books for Dummies, 2nd edition.

Terri Rocker: “How to Write Children’s Literature”
This is an eHow page featuring advice from author Terri Rocker..

Michael Rosen’s “Child’s Play”
This is British author and former Children's Laureate Michael Rosen's article on writing for children, published in The Guardian, Sept. 25, 2008


  1. Second try - the first said ERROR!

    Maggie, I am disappointed that you left out my website: It is so well known, and my Writing Help pages are full of advice, guidance, and great articles on writing for children.

    I heartily agree with all your other choices though. It's just that you forgot to add mine. . . Sob!

    Books for Kids - Manuscript Critiques

  2. Maggie, you are the best. Talk about fast action!!

    I wrote it tongue-in-cheek really. But you took it to heart and I am THRILLED you did.

    Hear me folks - "Maggie is AWESOME!"

    Books for Kids - Manuscript Critiques

  3. Margot, my heartfelt apologies. Your website was certainly supposed to be there. Thanks for pointing out the omission. It is now included, as it should be!

  4. Hi Maggie, I'm so glad I found your site! I am a big advocate of children's books and am hoping my first picture book will be published by a local publisher in my home town. I belong to the Kid Kit Blog Hop too. Look forward to following you. Thanks!

  5. Hi Maggie,

    This is an amazing list and I'm about to share it on my Facebook Page! I'd love it if you'd check out my website too. I run a year-long picture book writing challenge called 12 x 12 and keep loads of links and resources for children's writers. It's at

    Thanks for sharing your list! Julie

  6. Great list! I'd also like to add Emma Walton Hamilton's site. Emma is a children's book author, editor and children's writer's educator worthy of mention:

  7. P.S. I will be sharing this list with Emma's online Children's Book Hub as well as the Children's Book Hub Facebook Group which she and I co-host.

  8. I want to thank everybody for commenting on this blog. Beth and Julie, I'll add the websites you suggest to the list when I give it its own page next week.

  9. Thanks for this great list; will be bookmarking it.

  10. Fabulous list. i wonder if we could add Katie Davis' website? her podcasts are a tremendous resource and she offers other webinars etc.

  11. Great list! If I may, I'd like to add my blog as yet another resource; I'm told by many authors and illustrators the thoughts shared there have proved helpful to many authors and illustrators:
    Thanks so much!
    Emma D Dryden
    drydenbks LLC

  12. Thanks Maggie! And I agree with the suggestions to add Emma Walton Hamilton, Katie Davis and Emma Dryden's sites. They are all ones I regularly frequent. :-)