Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MG Book Blogger Sites continued

I'm continuing the list of middle-grade book bloggers I started last week. Here are more. You can find the complete list on a separate page on this blog site. I'll add to it as I discover new sites. Please send me your recommendations, corrections, updates, etc. 

These sites all have their own individualities. Some accept for review books published by small presses; others accept only books published by large, "traditional" publishers. Some don't publish reviews at all, but feature author interviews and/or excerpts from books/book details. I've indicated the latter type by "Announcements" (Ann.). Explore these sites and find what works best for you. Parents and others who buy books for children should find ideas for reading lists at these sites. I've tried to put something together that works both for children's writers and for those who buy children's books.

Abbreviations: MGR = features middle-grade book reviews; E-Bks. = accepts e-books for review; GPs = accepts guest posts; Int. = features author interviews; Give. = offers giveaways; Ads. = offers paid advertising; Lists = features book lists; Ann. = makes announcements; (F) = fantasy only; (R) = accepts guest book reviews; (I) = indies only - MGR, Int. - MGR, Give., GPs - MGR, Guest reviews, Give. - MGR, e-BKS, Self-pub. Bks., Give., GPs, Int. - MGR (recent or forthcoming) - MGR, Int., Give. - MGR, Int., E-bks., Give. - Podcast, MGR


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Maggie. The review of your book is on my blog right now and will be there for a few more days. Congrats on Vin -- a very cute book.

  2. Thanks for listing my blog! Great list!

  3. Great list! Here's another: