Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blog Sites Promoting Middle-Grade Fiction

I’ve started a list of blog sites that promote middle-grade fiction authors and their work on the assumption that there can never be too many lists. Most of these sites feature book reviews of middle-grade fiction. Some also feature author interviews, guest blogs, and giveaways. A few offer advertising. I’ll add to this list in future blogs.

I welcome your additions and corrections. If the site offers more services or fewer services than I have indicated in my list, or the URL is incorrect, etc., let me know so I can correct the data. Just leave a comment at this blog site or e-mail me at maggielyons66 at gmail dot com.  

Abbreviations: MGR = middle-grade book reviews; E-Bks. = accepts e-books for review; GPs = guest posts; Int. = interviews; Give. = giveaways; Ads. = paid advertising; Lists = book lists; Ann. = announcements; (F) = fantasy only; (R) = guest book reviews; (I) = indies only, 

Blog site URL                                     -- MGR, GPs      -- MGR, E-bks., GPs, Int.     -- MGR, E-bks. -- MGR, E-bks. -- (F) MGR, (R)                -- MGR --MGR, E-bks., Int. -- (I), MGR, E-bks. Int., Ads.             -- Lists, Ann. -- MGR, E-bks. --MGR , GPs, Int. -- MGR, (R), Int., Give. -- MGR, (R), Give. -- MGR, E-bks., GPs, Int., Give. -- MGR,  E-bks.                          -- Int. -- Int. -- MGR, Give. -- MGR, E-bks., Int., Give., Ads. -- MGR, E-bks. -- MGR, E-bks., GPs, Int., Give.


  1. Maggie, thanks for posting this list. I've copied and will save it for later use. Thank you also for including my blog in the list. I love having all authors come for a visit.

  2. Me too, will be useful when my book comes out! Thank you. :)

  3. Thanks for posting this list, Maggie!

  4. Great list! You might all add!

    1. Madelyn,
      My apologies for the delay in replying to you. I added to the MG Book Bloggers List page on this site a while ago. Thank you so much for pointing out the omission. No list would be complete without mention of this very helpful site.

  5. Holy cabooses! I get requests for this type of information all the time, and I'm so glad to be able to send people to one place. Thank you for doing this! I will spread your page far and wide, and I'm emailing you privately with suggestions for additions.

  6. Wow Maggie! This is awesome.
    Would you please add my website?
    My book, No Tildes on Tuesday, is about a 13 year old biracial girl who deals with identity issues. My two Journals, Diversity Daybook: Journal & Affirmation Daybook: Journal may be a great fit, too. My platform topics center on Diversity and Bullying issues.

    Thank you - Cherrye S. Vasquez, Ph.D.

  7. I saw this on LinkedIn - you're so generous to do this. Thank you. I will bookmark and refer other authors to this page.

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